Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

speech therapy
Words don’t always come easy to everyone, but even more so for some kids.

Speech and language difficulties can negatively affect a child’s self-esteem.

Speech therapy can help anyone who need assistance with all kinds of reading, speaking, and language issues. Children suffering from the following are primary candidates for speech therapy:

Speech therapy also helps children understand and express language, as well as use language in socially appropriate ways. It helps kids pronounce words properly, improves their reading comprehension, and can even assist in eating, swallowing, and drooling problems.

Speech and language difficulties have a huge effect on how children grow up. These issues can make kids less confident in interacting with their peers, as well as frustrated at themselves for not being able to keep up. Speech and language difficulties also open up the child to teasing, bullying, and isolation.

Brain Health USA Center offers a fun learning environment that allows the child to practice without fear of judgment. Our encouraging and patient staff are well-versed in dealing with kids of all ages. We work hard to connect with children, so they can learn to connect with others, as well.