5 ADHD Strengths To Harness In Your Child

June 5, 2023 by andrew

Much of the most imaginative and also effective people have ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Commonly amongst their greatest ADHD strengths are that they have a lot of concepts, and also high power levels to turn their ideas into fact!

By focusing on their all-natural abilities and also toughness, individuals with ADHD can enhance their possibilities for success and also satisfaction in life.

This article concentrates on 5 ADHD strengths to keep an eye out for and support in your child. It will aid you to see past the limits and obstacles of ADHD as well as take into consideration the strengths of a child with ADHD.

I’ll inform you regarding the benefits of ADHD as well as just how you and also others can see your child’s unique profile in a favorable light.

What is ADHD?

ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder) is thought about by medical professionals to be one of the neurodevelopmental disorders. It is characterised by inattention, impulsivity and also hyperactivity.

Psychologists favor to define ADHD as a neurodevelopmental distinction. Several of us desire that the term “disorder” might be gone down completely as it avoids us from seeing and taking advantage of the strengths of ADHD.

You might additionally have actually listened to the term ADD (attention deficit disorder). Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) was historically a term made use of for individuals that have troubles with concentration without the existence of other ADHD symptoms such as excessive spontaneity or hyperactivity. In the most current update of the Diagnostic as well as Statistical Manual– Version Five (DSM-V) it has been relabelled as ADHD: Inattentive Type.

What Does ADHD Look Like?

Key signs of ADHD can include:

  • Being conveniently sidetracked
  • Problem following directions
  • Trouble staying on job
  • Impulsive signs such as, problems doing quiet tasks, issues with executive feature, chatting exceedingly, and fidgeting.
  • Forgetfulness & losing individual products such as secrets or books
  • Not paying very close attention to details, making negligent mistakes
  • Problems staying organised and also with time administration
  • Preventing things that take excessive effort emotionally for a continual amount of time
  • Short attention span
  • The capability to hyperfocus (focus on a job for hours on end, adjusting out every little thing around you).
  • Creative thinking.
  • Spontaneity.
  • High energy.

ADHD Strengths Vs Problems.

  • Have you seen kids that act without clearly assuming?
  • Have you heard your child say something inappropriate out loud without thinking of exactly how others might react?
  • Maybe your child discovers it hard to wait their turn in a parlor game?
  • Or perhaps you attempt to get your child’s focus and also they appear absolutely oblivious?

There is often so much focus on the difficulties related to having ADHD. It is important to be knowledgeable about the focus deficits to make sure that they can be properly managed as well as sustained. Nonetheless, attempt not to become restricted to ‘box reasoning’ concerning your child’s abilities as well as characteristic in the context of ADHD.

Reduced Self-Esteem and ADHD.

Reduced self-confidence is occasionally an attribute of children with focus troubles. There are lots of reasons for this. Children might be all also familiar with what they find hard compared with their peers however they might be less familiar with their individual strengths. Another factor is that children with ADHD are usually made use of to being told off and also getting stuck in what are considered as unfavorable patterns of behavior.

” Adam, focus!”.
” Sit still, Adam!”.
” Adam, don’t touch that!”.

Gradually, children may internalise these comments and end up sensation negative about themselves.

It’s important to recognize as well as verify the troubles your child may experience. It’s likewise vital that you harness your child’s ADHD strengths . The first step is to help them recognize them as strengths and positives.

The Bright Side.

Fortunately is that ADHD children (with assistance and also nurture) can learn to funnel and also create their positive attributes of ADHD. They can utilize their talents and strengths to help them lead a satisfied life. Their toughness can be abundant as well as impressive as well as eventually, a substantial possession.

1. Creativity and Creativity.

Many individuals with ADHD are really creative, innovative and also imaginative. They frequently have more than one idea drifting around their brain and are the utmost ‘outside the box’ thinkers.

They typically have a various or alternative viewpoint and method to scenarios and tasks. Their creative thinking is usually directed via an extensive expertise or enthusiasm in a certain area.

It’s vital to acknowledge your child’s creativity and see it as an ADHD strength. Parents’ patience and also support can be crucial to a child’s success in lingering with a task. Perhaps your child has revealed a real style or rate of interest in something the first time they try it– are you able to help them harness their ADHD strengths as well as discover them a lot more deeply?


Suggestions to exercise as well as create your child’s creativity:-.

  • Performing and also vocal singing.
  • Playing an instrument.
  • Building and also constructing.
  • Art as well as sculpting.
  • Solving as well as arranging (mathematics, patterns).
  • Coding (computer).

Children with ADHD may find that preparation or managing their time can be difficult. A parent’s perseverance is essential. Scaffolding and also helping them with these aspects can permit them much more freedom to discover and also allow their imagination to thrive.

2. Impulsivity and also Spontaneity.

People with ADHD tend to be:.

  • Impulsive– they may be more likely to take threats. Coming close to jobs without worry can result in even more extremes of failure or success, so take the chance of handling expectations and boundaries is important.
  • Lack internal inhibitions or an inner voice that may or else moisten down or silence originalities.

Whilst these qualities might trigger some problems within connections as well as social interactions, impulsivity can really be a powerful device.

For example:.

  • It frequently means that you trust your impulses.
  • You can transform your goals as well as fantasizes right into fact.
  • It enables you to act promptly in choosing.
  • It allows you to confiscate opportunities in the moment.
  • When you’re spontaneous you can discover and also try points that are outside of your comfort area as well as this can lead to incredible results, spontaneity!

Spontaneity can help you:.

  • Find out brand-new abilities.
  • Construct confidence.
  • Raise your performance.
  • Become much more versatile and adaptable in your strategy to problems.
  • Promote and also nurture self-development.

The majority of children will certainly push limits as well as most likely ‘press your buttons’! It’s essential that you hold your borders and also limitations to maintain your child secure.

3. Energy as well as Enthusiasm.

Some children with ADHD have unlimited amounts of power! It can sometimes make children feel like they have ‘ADHD superpowers’; that they can accomplish anything, that they are ‘capable’.

There are great deals of activities your child could take into consideration doing to make the best use of all that power whilst developing skills and also expertise at the same time!:

  • Trampolining: Eases stress, enhances memory. Releases mood-boosting hormones. Establishes co-ordination as well as balance. Improves core strength.
  • Scouts/Brownies/Guides. These teams construct social abilities, physical fitness, compassion, preparation and organisational skills. Children learn the advantages of risk-taking and trying brand-new activities
  • outside their comfort area.
  • Seeing galleries: Try interactive and also hands-on exhibitions where your child can concentrate as well as have fun with their active brains. They can really use their electric motor abilities as well.
  • Structure things. This might consist of going or following guidelines off strategy! Whatever your child selects, they will certainly be intending and also issue solving, functioning as well as making decisions towards a goal.

Swimming is outstanding for building core strength and also strengths.

4. Strength and Perseverance.

Numerous children with ADHD have to function harder than their neurotypical pals to get over day-to-day challenges and also stresses. A favorable end result is that they develop a deep decision to attain their goals. ADHD grownups commonly reveal greater resilience than their neurotypical peers.

Identifying, applauding and also supporting resilience in your child crucial. Right here are some indicators of strength in a child that are taken into consideration toughness of ADHD.

  • Shows an authentic rate of interest in college life.
  • Efficiently problem-solves.
  • Shows campaign.
  • Is assertive and also enthusiastic.
  • Can act individually.

5. Hyperfocus.

The ADHD Brain is both different and also outstanding. Many individuals with ADHD are able to hyperfocus. Some children with ADHD can wind up concentrating on something so extremely that they are oblivious to whatever else that is going on around them!

Parents frequently find themselves calling their child’s name repeatedly fruitless. Their child’s brain is entirely engaged. Often, they might be so focused a job or interest, they neglect nourishments as well as standard day-to-day jobs such as washing.

Below’s a wonderful instance of exactly how to transform ADHD into a strength. Your child may discover it hard to switch over between tasks or to get going on tasks. Nevertheless, if you can discover an activity that will involve their hyperfocus, they can establish knowledge and mastery in this field in such a way that neurotypical children would struggle to do.

There is an equilibrium to strike with hyperfocus. It can lead to problem as well as irritation in others, however the child with ADHD is generally flawlessly pleased doing what they’re doing! It allows them to fully devote their interest to something that is of passion to them and that they’re motivated by.


  • School projects may get your child’s complete focus.
  • With emphasis as well as practice, children can come to be really good at something– for instance, playing a tool, a computer game or playing a sport.
  • Reviewing– choosing a style that your child likes will certainly enhance their understanding and also reading skills.
  • Developing an interest into something that could pave the way onward in their institution, university or functioning career.

Exactly How ADHD is Diagnosed and also “Treated”.

To sustain the strengths of a child with ADHD, it’s essential to comprehend that there is no cure for this condition, and also nor need to there be. ADHD brings toughness however obviously some locations of ADHD can impair your child in their scholastic development, social growth or wellbeing.

If a particular facet of ADHD is holding your child back, there are several methods you can get support. Therapy plans might include medication, psychological support, or a combination of both.

A medical professional or psychological health professional can make an ADHD diagnosis including:.

In some cases the adhering to specialists will certainly likewise be able to make the medical diagnosis depending on their training and also experience:.

  • Medical care doctors.
  • Professional psycho therapists.
  • Educational psycho therapists.

Psychological assistance might consist of behavioral parent training, teacher training or dealing with an ADHD trainer.

In our post below, you can see 2 instance examples of exactly how psycho therapists can support children with ADHD.

Summary: ADHD Child Strengths.

ADHD is not a “issue”. It is a difference in the means the brain works which can bring significant advantages. But as a result of the method the globe is established for our children, day to day life with ADHD can be difficult. Constantly being “molded” to act in a particular way can take it’s toll on a child’s feeling of self well worth. Sometimes it can cause mental health issue like depression or anxiety.

It’s so crucial to concentrate on the proportion of positives to troubles that ADHD brings. What is your child’s best strength? Identify and work to boost their ADHD superpowers and special abilities. Do this constantly for a couple of months and also your child’s positive identification as well as self-confidence will certainly increase.

Strick reminder from Brain Health USA to seek a doctor’s advice in addition to using this app and before making any medical decisions.

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