8 Personality Traits in People with Bipolar Disorder

March 28, 2023 by andrew

Bipolar disorders are commonly connected with creativity and various other positive character qualities. Some scientists intend to discover these links to find much better therapy protocols.

Coping with bipolar illness can mean experiencing changes in mood as well as power levels. The label really refers to a team of problems that involve episodes of high or reduced excitability or impatience, usually interfering with life.

Personality traits are necessary for scientists in at least 2 ways. People with a bipolar illness diagnosis might be more likely to have some of the “big 5” personality type, such as neuroticism.

Also, understanding that people with a diverse variety of characteristic might additionally have bipolar illness permits scientists to research whether specific traits can affect just how the condition advances– especially exactly how severe the symptoms might end up being.

Usual personality traits in people with bipolar disorder

Researchers have discovered there might be some personality type that are much more usual in people with bipolar disorder.

Varying research sustains that 8 personality type might prevail in people with a bipolar disorder diagnosis:

  • creative thinking
  • compassion
  • realism
  • resilience
  • spirituality
  • neuroticism
  • disinhibition
  • aggression

A few of these characteristics are thought about “favorable,” boosting a person’s health as well as contributions to culture. An older literary works testimonial published in 2011 found particular “favorable” psychological qualities are associated with individuals who cope with bipolar illness, such as:

  • imagination
  • empathy
  • realism
  • durability
  • spirituality

A paper from 2016 suggested that identifying the potential for a common genetic web link in between bipolar affective disorder and one of these attributes– creativity– may assist to locate much better treatment targets.

The researchers keep in mind lots of people with the medical diagnosis discard existing therapy protocols as a result of the “negative” impacts they can have on their subjective experience of imagination.

There’s also study on a few of the “large five” personality traits as well as just how they might impact the course of bipolar affective disorder. The large 5 characteristic include:

  • neuroticism
  • extraversion
  • visibility
  • agreeableness
  • conscientiousness

A 2022 study examined just how certain attributes might affect symptom severity. The research concluded that those classified as “highly vulnerable,” may have poorer treatment outcomes.

Those in this classification had high degrees of neuroticism and also low levels of conscientiousness, extraversion, and agreeableness.

This research study assumed that people who share a bipolar affective disorder diagnosis could nonetheless have different characteristic from one another.

One more recent research study, performed in 2021, located that among people with unipolar depression, the qualities of anger, impatience, and frustration suggested they were most likely to later on get a diagnosis of bipolar disorder

Signs of bipolar disorder.

Bipolar illness are a team of problems that includes bipolar I disorder, bipolar II disorder, and cyclothymic disorder. While they share usual elements, their symptoms are distinct.

When scientists attempt to connect characteristic with those who have this diagnosis, they usually take the type of bipolar illness right into account:

  • Bipolar I disorder: Diagnosed when an individual experiences a manic episode, where they have high energy and also modifications in actions. A manic episode may consist of raised risk-taking, much less sleep, and also boosted activity.
  • Bipolar II disorder: Diagnosed when a person has a hypomanic episode, which is a much less serious kind of mania, and a major depressive episode. A duration of significant depression includes extreme sadness and also loss of interest in satisfying tasks.
  • Cyclothymic disorder: Another type of bipolar illness. People experience signs of hypomania and major depression, yet never ever a full episode. They undergo several modifications in state of mind regularly throughout a minimum of 2 years.

A 2017 study discovered that individuals with bipolar I disorder or bipolar II disorder were more probable to have the attributes of aggression, neuroticism, and disinhibition compared to those without a bipolar affective disorder medical diagnosis.

One more 2017 research additionally found an association between neuroticism and also bipolar II disorder.

Bipolar disorder as well as personality disorders

Some individuals with bipolar illness additionally have a diagnosis of one more personality disorder, including borderline personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder.

It’s uncertain just how typical these co-occurring medical diagnoses are, but much of the signs and symptoms of these conditions overlap.

Borderline personality disorder is regularly discussed together with bipolar disorder. A 2016 analysis of research studies published in between 1985 and 2015 located that regarding one-fifth (20%) of the people went over had both conditions.

This could sustain the view that lots of people with among these conditions may additionally have the various other. A 2017 study of 248 people with borderline personality disorder and 113 with bipolar disorder admitted to a psychiatric device found just 3.6% had both conditions.

Some experts compare bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder by the truth that bipolar disorder signs take place in episodes while those of borderline personality disorder exist over years.

Those with borderline personality disorder may have an unstable feeling of self. Both problems are noted by changes in state of mind and also can include being impulsive.

A 2021 literature testimonial located that antisocial personality disorder was more typical among people with bipolar illness, in particular bipolar I disorder.

Let’s recap

Individuals with bipolar affective disorder may have high levels of creative thinking, durability, and various other favorable characteristic. Recognizing even more concerning these links may help scientists to find brand-new and also better means to take care of the problem.

In addition, having specific personality traits, like neuroticism, might influence just how symptoms proceed gradually and also forecast therapy results.

People with bipolar disorder might additionally have borderline personality disorder or one more medical diagnosis and signs can overlap in between problems.

Bipolar disorders are treatable, workable conditions. Speaking with a psychological health professional can be the first step in an essential journey to read more about the diagnosis.

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