Psychologist Careers

Brain Health USA would like to invite Psychologists to partner with us.

We do the following for our partners:

1. Handle phone calls

2. Handle appointments set up

3. Handle insurance credentialing process

4. Assign patients’ care manager for you and your patients

5. Office manager to handle all problematic patients’ issues.

6. Provide IT support at all times.

7. Use our office space and telehealth for services, or your office (if you choose to keep your own office space)

8. And many more, plus outstanding flexibility and support on every level of the practice.

Our partners do the following:

1. Manage patients as they wish

2. Provide us with their preferred patients scheduling

*Our partners receive compensation every two weeks (every other Friday)

*Operation hours are Monday-Sunday 7 am- 9 pm

*Providers determine their hours

*Great compensation and income

*Compensation is based on average up to 70% of collected payers reimbursement.

*No contract is required.

We will be happy to discuss this exciting opportunity with you


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